My mission as a Missionary Volunteer with AMOR Projects is to live my life with the sole focus of mirroring Christ’s love to those around me through all aspects of my work and responsibilities. I pledge to value each person as my equal and maintain respect for those in authority. I pledge to respect and honor the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in my life and conduct while serving as a volunteer.

MY RESPONSIBILITIES – As a Missionary Volunteer I believe that:

  • I am responsible first to God, my Creator, to reflect His character and exhibit His love.
  • I am responsible to the community in which I live and also to the world community to let them know about Jesus’ love.
  • I am responsible to my leaders and fellow missionary volunteers for the decisions I make and for the trust they place in me.
  • I am responsible to treat each of my fellow workers and all with whom I come in contact,
    with dignity and respect.

MY VALUES – I respect the Bible for revealing life’s direction and qualities. I value:

  • excellence in all that I do.
  • ethical and moral conduct at all times and in all relationships.
  • creativity and innovation in the completion of my mission.
  • honesty, integrity, and courage as the foundation of all my actions.
  • the trust placed in me by mission administration and fellow volunteers.
  • people as children of God and therefore brothers and sisters of one family.

MY ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITIES – I recognize that service with AMOR Projects, a non-profit organization supporting the Seventh-day Adventist Church, implies commitment to the organization’s mission and concurrence with its responsibilities and values. My reasonable service as a missionary volunteer includes the following ethical responsibilities:

  • A life consistent with project message and mission. I will live in a manner consistent with the beliefs and values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and I will uphold in word and conduct its teachings and principles.
  • Respect for project assets. I will respect the property of the organization including any intellectual property that is developed in the course of my service. I will use the property, facilities, and resources solely for the benefit of the organization unless otherwise permitted or when financial compensation for such use has been arranged.
  • Respect for colleagues and leaders. I will respect and uplift my colleagues and those in authority. I will refrain from intentionally placing them in a position of embarrassment, disrespect, or harassment. I will avoid all  behavior that may be construed as sexually inappropriate. I will honor the privacy and guard the safety of others.
  • Efficiency and attention. My time shall be honestly devoted to the assignments entrusted to me. I will avoid activities that could impair my performance. I will aspire to efficiency and reduction of waste in time, effort, and resources.
  • Personal integrity in financial matters. I will not engage in theft or embezzlement of any kind including the misuse of expense accounts, falsification of reports, or the misapplication of resources for which I am responsible.
  • Avoiding inappropriate influence. I will neither offer nor receive gifts, favors, payments, or other forms of reward directly or indirectly in exchange for a specific gain or action.
  • Maintaining an ethical environment. I will maintain ethical standards in my personal life and in the work place. I believe my responsibility is to report, through established confidential channels, any  behavior that is inappropriate or which undermines an ethical environment.
  • I will not drink alcohol, smoke, or use any illegal drugs.
  • I will refrain from the use of jewelry during my term of mission service.
  • I will faithfully observe the seventh commandment, abstaining from sexual relations, if single, and remaining faithful to my spouse, if married.
  • I will inform project leaders prior to arrival if I am involved in a dating relationship. If I am single upon my acceptance to the project I will avoid beginning a dating relationship with any fellow volunteer or local native for the term of my service.
  • I will be respectful of the culture in which I am serving, being mindful that local norms regarding such things as Sabbath observance, opposite-sex relationships, dress and adornment may be different than that to which I am accustomed.
  • Crime and Misconduct. I have never been convicted of nor have I pled guilty or no contest to, or been formally disciplined for any crime or misconduct, with the exception of traffic violations. I have never been accused of sexual misconduct.

Agreement to Abide by Statement of Ethics

I will abide by the responsibilities indicated in the STATEMENT OF ETHICS if appointed as a Volunteer Missionary for AMOR Projects. I understand that failure to comply with the Statement of Ethics or any misrepresentation in connection with my application, screening, or service, may be cause for termination of my volunteer missionary assignment. Signify your acceptance by entering your full name clicking the SUBMIT button below.