Our Policy: We are open to relatives of our Student Missionaries to come and serve alongside for a short duration as long as it does not disrupt the daily life of the Student Missionaries in adverse ways. We do not allow visitors to come and “vacation” at our site and we also do not allow boyfriends or girlfriends of our SM’s to visit. The visitors will be required to “pay their own way” with respect to transportation, food, and any activities they participate in.

Important: All visitors need to be pre-approved by AMOR Projects. The process begins by processing the three items below. Please do not purchase airline tickets until you have been approved. It is highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance and volunteer labor insurance through the Advent Risk Management web site to supplement the insurance you have in the states.

1. AMOR Projects needs a signed Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. Please download the form and follow the instructions on it. It can be downloaded here… Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.

2. It is important to us that you understand and adhere to the same Statement of Ethics as our Student Missionaries. Please view and sign that form online here… Statement of Ethics

3. Please fill out the information below and click submit.

Student Missionary you are Visiting


Visitor Information


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