For applicants eighteen (18) years and older who hold a valid driver’s license, AMOR Projects requests the applicant to obtain an international driver’s permit.

In the United States the permit can be obtained same-day at your local AAA office for a minimal fee (around $10 for AAA members). If you are not located near a AAA office, you may get the application online at the AAA website and mail it to the closest AAA with a passport photo, a check, and a copy of your drivers’ license. They will send your international permit to you. For requirements in other countries, please check with local authorities. Inform the office that you want the permit for Peru, as permits vary by country.

A note about driving for AMOR Projects. Our vehicles have  standard transmissions so it would be wise if you are not used to driving a standard transmission that you learn before you come.

Note: Your international permit must be accompanied by a valid state driver’s license to be valid abroad.