Each volunteer is responsible for all financial activities of their mission term, including but not limited to the following list:

Pre-trip and traveling expenses

  • Vaccinations, preparation, luggage, etc.
  • International round-trip airfare to Lima, Peru ($800-$1,700 USD depending on where you are flying from)
  • Domestic round-trip airfare between Lima and Pucallpa (around $150 – $250 USD)
  • Excess luggage weight, be sure to check with the airline (both international and domestic flights)
  • For independent student missionaries, it is required to have Adventist Risk Management health insurance (required that student be covered www.adventistrisk.org/Insurance/TravelInsurance.aspx). You can purchase a maximum of 180 days of insurance through them. As an example, if you arrive in September, you will need to re-apply for insurance in March for another 180 (or less) days. It is recommended that you purchase “Short Term Travel” insurance for your entire stay and purchase “Volunteer Labor” for at least 25 days (about 1 day a week). If your service is to be solely manual labor, then select at least 100 days (about 4 days a week). A 10 month stay will cost around $35 per month (about $50 per month for manual labor SM’s).
  • Property insurance is recommended if bringing expensive electronic equipment such as camera, laptop, etc. (this is optional)

Stipend for living expenses of around $300 USD per month for

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Personal needs
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Vacation expenses

Visa renewal fees – For ten to twelve months of service, count on one to two trips out of the country for visa renewal. In the past SM’s have taken bus or air (bus is significantly less).

  • to leave country and go to Ecuador (including travel and lodging for most direct route Pucallpa-Aguas Verdes/Guayacil) $400 USD airfare.
  • to leave country and go to Bolivia (including travel and lodging for most direct route Pucallpa-Copacabana) $450 USD airfare.

NOTE:  Volunteer is not responsible for fundraising for project needs and expenses.

Click to download a sample fundraising letter.