Student Missionaries

Normally, our SM’s serve from August to May or June of the following year, basically covering a school year. Sometimes SM’s desire to come for the first or last part of the school year only and we can sometimes accommodate that. On occasion we have SM’s that want to stay longer and arrangements can be made for that as well.

Evaluations of the upcoming SM’s usually is completed in the March to April time frame for the next school year starting in August.

Rooms at both of our facilities have 2 or 3 bunk beds in them based on room size. They have mattresses so all you would need to bring would be bedding (mosquito netting also supplied).

There are two locations that you might be living at during your stay with us. One is called Kilometer-8 (8 kilometers away from the city of Pucallpa) and the other is called Kilometer-38 (38 kilometers away). Generally, the further away you get from Pucallpa, the more rural you get (in Peru, rural means jungle). We run our medical clinic out of Km8 and our resident doctor lives there with his family. We do mostly farming at Km38 and a little medical outreach.

It can be very hot and rainy in the jungle. Guess that should be expected from a rain forest. The average rainfall is over 10 feet, mostly falling in the summer (which is our winter since they are on a different hemisphere).

There are more stores near Km8 since it is closer to the city but there is a small town near Km38 as well. Shopping for food is easy, although very different.

Both of our facilities have deep wells with good water that is further filtered and pumped into a tower tank that gives us running water. We are proud to say we also have flushing toilets and good showers, a rarity in this area.

Food is cheap and there is not much else you need to buy. You might want to bring a little extra for souvenirs. The best way to get money there is to just use your existing bank account and an ATM card. That way when you extract money from your account in the states you will receive your money in sol (the Peruvian currency).

We request a minimum of 6 references from our SM’s. For the first three references, we need (1) your pastor, (2) a teacher or professor, and (3) another non-relative. The other three can be relatives or friends that know you well. Have them go to our web site’s Volunteer page and they can either fill out our online reference form or download a PDF file form there that they can email or fax back to us.

We at AMOR Projects always have a need for individuals that can help out with our ongoing construction and repair projects, they never seem to end. We are also very heavily involved with farming activities at our Km38 site. We are also involved heavily in bible work, education, and social work.

The fact that you don’t go to an Adventist school does not preclude you from serving with us. The thing that is gained by going to an Adventist school is that we are tied closely to the Missionary Departments and they handle a lot of the logistics for the students going to Peru. They work with the students in their fundraising, insurance, stipends while serving, gathering references, arranging airfare, making sure school loans don’t become due, etc. You would have handle a lot of these logistics on your own. This can be a challenge, but not an unsurmountable one, especially if God wants you to be in Peru!

There is no training done here in the states, it is all in Peru. There is an extensive training program that begins once you arrive in Pucallpa and lasts for several weeks.