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Did you know… 4.98 million Peruvians live on less than $1 per day?

Committed individuals are needed to send regular donations for project advancement and support.  AMOR Projects depends on dedicated donors like you to make our services possible.


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AMOR Projects focus is on the physical health and well being of Peruvian villagers living in poverty.  Our goal is to alleviate illness, ease suffering, and provide education through free medical care.

Currently, we are providing medical care through mobile clinics.  All medical consultations, treatments, and medications are provided free of charge to the villagers.

The medical team is headed by on-site director Dr. Richard Mathews, a Peruvian physician who specializes in general medicine and surgery. The medical team is comprised of local staff as well as long and short term missionaries. They perform general medicine consults, minor surgeries, and dental extractions.

A two-week medical campaign costs approximately $1,000-$1,500 to finance and will purchase the supplies needed for providing medical care.  These campaigns are entirely dependent on donations and sponsors.  As AMOR Projects seeks to expand its ministry, monthly donations and gifts are needed.  Monthly medical campaigns, advancement in construction, and equipping of clinic are conditional to available funds.

All donations are tax-deductible (AMOR Projects is a nonprofit organization with 501c3 status) and 100% of donations are channeled directly to Peru. Specified donations are earmarked and used as directed. The donor will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

AMOR Projects invites you to join the team and make a commitment to regularly support this ministry.  Get involved today!