At AMOR Projects we are proud of our student missionaries. Our current group all plan to stay from September 2016 until late spring of 2017. We look forward to another year building great memories in service for our Lord.



Kalli Wilkens
Southern Adventist University
Hola! I am from rural North Tennessee. My main hobbies/interest include the criteria of the following: social, active, intellectual, and challenging activities. I attended and graduated from Southern Adventist University and earned my A.S. in Allied Health Pre-Physical Therapy. I am taking a year off to be a missionary here in Peru before I start the D.P.T. program at Loma Linda University come this June 2017. When I was 12, I had wanted to quit school and join the mission field after attending some It Is Written seminars. My parents encouraged me to keep pursuing education first and I am grateful for their insight. Since then I have been on multiple short term mission trips to Central America and Asia. Nearly 10 years later I am finally getting this opportunity to be a part of this Peruvian mission experience here at AMOR projects. My main job here in Pucallpa is to do physical therapy on the disabled children at the local orphanage. So here’s to the unknown and unexpected. I can’t wait to see what all God has in store for me here in Pucallpa, Peru.
Michael Kovach
Southern Adventist University
Hi there! I will be going into my junior year of college at Southern Adventist University studying Pre-Physical Therapy next year. This year (as you’ve probably guessed by now) I will be here at AMOR Projects at the orphanage doing Physical Therapy with the disabled kids there. My passion for Physical Therapy only began a couple years ago when I shadowed a PT clinic and I learned that I was really interested in the medical field and being able to help people with their injuries. I think that it is also a great way to witness to clients as I get to see them almost every day instead of just once like some professions. My ultimate goal is to have my own Physical Therapy clinic where I can focus on rehabilitating athletes that have obtained injuries such as Torn ACLs. One of the reasons I want to do this so much is that I love playing sports! I try to play football, baseball, basketball, and soccer whenever I get a chance. In my free time I also love playing on my guitar and hanging out with friends, but what’s free time anyways? School keeps me super busy. I am looking forward to having this year to serve overseas in Peru because about three years ago it hit me that I wanted to make a difference with my life. I was tired of the same every day routine that didn’t allow me to give everything I had to God. I know that this year will be a time for me to trust God and serve Him and maybe even have some fun while doing it!
Hazel Byeon
Andrews University
My name is Hazel and I am an elementary education major at Andrews University. I’ve always had a dream of being a missionary ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been on different short term mission trips and was fascinated by the different cultures I experienced in each country I got to visit. I believe God has given me a dream to serve others and glorify Him with the talents He’s given me. I will be teaching in three different schools in Pucallpa, Peru this year and I am very excited to be interacting with the teachers and students and to make a difference in their lives. I am looking forward to many awesome experiences God has in store for the people here and myself. Prayers for me and other fellow missionaries would be much appreciated as we start the new chapter of our lives. Thank you!
Rachel Clark
Southern Adventist University
My name is Rachel and I am a senior at Southern Adventist University. I am working on a B.S. Biology Degree, and I plan to apply to veterinary schools next year. For the longest time I have tried to find an opportunity that combined many of my passions: caring for animals, travel, and missionary work with people. AMOR Projects has given me this exciting opportunity. I will be working in the clinic as a medical worker while also assisting with the animals on the farm whenever possible. Another thing that excites me about AMOR is that it gives us opportunities to be involved with local churches and orphanages. I hope to grow in my relationship with Christ while I am here while also showing his love to those around me in Pucallpa.
Rachell Jordan
Southern Adventist University
My name is Rachell and I am from Wilmington, North Carolina. I graduated in May with my A.S. in Nursing and passed my boards in June. I have a passion for missions and for helping people. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a missionary nurse, so I’m excited to live that dream this year. I will be working in the clinic and involved in the local orphanage and church as well. I enjoy hiking, traveling, chocolate, dogs, and being around kids. I’m excited to experience a new culture, learn Spanish, and use my nursing skills to glorify Christ.
Benjamin Gow-Lee
Walla Walla University
I recently graduated from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a pre-medical influence. My purpose here in Peru is to help people learn some English to increase their skill base. Previously, I have taught high school science in Pohnpei, Micronesia, but this will be my first time teaching English. I will be working with local Adventist and public schools as well as with other groups, in addition to doing what I can to add value to the people, churches, and organizations around me. I hope to grow in my relationships with God and those around me, learn some Spanish, and gain more teaching, medical, and professional skills. I will attend Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Fall 2017.
Ashley Hollenbeck
Southern Adventist University
My name is Ashley Hollenbeck and I am from Southern Adventist University. I graduated in May with my A.S. in Nursing and will be working here at AMOR Projects as a nurse this year. I have been on several short term mission trips and fell in love with the people and places I have been to. I cannot wait to see how much I grow spiritually and culturally this year with God by my side.
Kathleen Napitupulu
Southern Adventist University
I had the privilege to attend Southern Adventist University in which I completed my Associates degree in Nursing. By the grace of God I passed my boards. Nursing runs in my family in which both my mother and sister are nurses. I am in Peru because God has shown me a peace that only He can give and I would like to tell others that they too could have this peace. From being active in the churches here and helping out with the clinic I hope to build relationships with the locals and share the love of God to them. When I go back to the states, I will return to Southern Adventist University to finish my Bachelors degree in Nursing and then go back to my home in Southern California.
Re’Jeanne (Ray) Greene
Andrews University
Having been born in the third world country of Trinidad and Tobago but having the privilege to grow up in America I experienced two standards of living. My grandfather died of a heart attack when I was five, but to know that he could still be alive if he had access to proper healthcare is what drives me to become a physician and make a difference. My sophomore year at Andrews University as a Biology pre-med student I played with the idea of being a student missionary but I eventually decided not to go through with it because I did not want to put off medical school. It wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year that I felt God urging me to go away as a student missionary. This was the first time in my life that I truly felt God’s presence in my life so I knew I had to go through with it. Coming to Peru and joining the AMOR Projects seemed like the perfect fit for me because I was able to incorporate both medical and bible work. I am hoping to make a big difference here in Pucallpa and I am excited for this upcoming year here.
Sarah Lim
Southern Adventist University
Hi! My name is Sarah Lim and I am from Virginia. I completed my first year at Southern as a Bio-Chemistry Pre-Dent major. Some of my hobbies are cooking, photography, traveling, and playing American football. Peru was not my first choice for my SM year. I visited earlier in March with uQuest through Southern. I never thought I would ever be back in dusty Pucallpa, but I do not regret coming back. I am excited to see what God has in store for me and all the other SMs this year. Although I was initially really scared to come alone, without knowing any other SMs, I am so thankful for a wonderful, friendly group of other student missionaries that I have been able to bond with quicker than I thought I would. I hope that I can make an impact in the people’s lives, as I hope they will on mine.
Michael Westcott
California Maritime Academy
I have finished 3 years at the Maritime Academy. I’m studying to be a navigator on merchant ships. After three years I decided to take some time off to serve people and the opportunity to work on the farm at AMOR Projects stood out to me. I am excited about helping these people any way I can.
Lindsey Sutton
Southern Adventist University
I am a senior Health Science major at SAU and am planning to begin the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at UTC in the summer of 2017. I chose to come to Peru to help a local physical therapist work with disabled children at an orphanage in Pucallpa. I am looking forward to seeing how God will work here!
Andrew Flores
Southern Adventist University
I am a senior pre-dental major from Massachusetts studying at Southern Adventist University. I really enjoy playing sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc. I believe the Lord is leading me into dentistry and that’s one of the reasons why I came to Peru. I came for the experience in the dental field, but also wanted to be able to work with the churches around the area. I just want to serve and am excited to see how the Lord will use me as well as the other SMs. Ultimately I pray that I will grow closer to God during my time here.
Matthew Rajarathinam
Andrews University
Having only finished my first year of college at Andrews University, I am one of the younger members of this diverse missionary group. I am majoring in Biology Pre-Med with a Neurobiology emphasis. My aspiration is to become an Emergency Room doctor. Some of my favorite activities include dirt biking and playing volleyball and basketball. I am currently picking up soccer because I find it to be a beautiful way to interact with the people here in their comfort zone. So far I have learned a lot of things here in Peru that simply cannot be taught in the classroom such as winning souls for Christ and interacting with people and I am very grateful that I can also minister to them through the vector of medical work. I am very grateful for my parents for planting the desire for mission work in me very early on through our own mission trips to India and Africa. I am very much enjoying my time here and am very eager to know what God has in store for me in the coming months
Selena Zamudio
Southern Adventist University
My name is Selena Zamudio, and I am a marketing student at Southern Adventist University. After many months of praying and debating, I decided to answer God's call to be a student missionary. I strongly believe that we are living in the end times, and I want to do all that I possibly can to lead others to Christ. I am the assistant to the AMOR Site Coordinator, and I am also involved with accounting and bookkeeping, tracking income and expenses, scanning receipts, and coordinating finances. In addition, I am involved in other missionary activities of AMOR Projects, which include evangelism, teaching, construction, children's ministry, and medical work. I am very excited to be here, and I can't wait to see what God has planned for me this year!